_Concept; Frida Thomsen
_Project; Design Portfolio Photography
_Photography; Frida Thomsen
_Created; 2015 / Portfolio Chapter Openers

Design to me, has always been a balance between chaos and structure. Over the years I have learned to let go of things and accept the fact that no one or nothing can be perfect. You can aim for excellence, and always put hundred percent effort in every task you meet in life. But settle when you are happy with what you have achieved and accomplished, and do not over do everything a thousand times. With design and in life in general we need pieces of everything to be able to function. Imperfection can be, or is most often even more beautiful than perfection itself. If you do not let yourself push your limits or boundaries and go crazy ones in a while, you will never create anything exciting. So, with this photography I wanted to create a sterile side which shows my perfectionism personality, and a chaotic side which reflects my crazy imagination.

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